What Clogs Gutters?

Leaves and twigs aren’t the only things that get trapped in your home’s rain gutters. Often times, water doesn’t drain out because of the most unexpected reasons. So if you’ve been mystified by the amount [...]

What are Gutter Guards?

We all know the story. It’s fall, and you are tired of cleaning up everything before winter.  But one more chore, those gutters taunting you with leaves and twigs sticking out all over. Your neighbor [...]

Do Your Gutters Need Replacement?

Gutters are very important to our homes. Since water inevitably causes rot and decay, we need the rain to be directed away from vulnerable parts of the house like the foundations and the walls. Gutter [...]

Ladder Safety – The Ugly Truth About Cleaning with Ladders

Ladder safety is a big deal because of the huge numbers of people affected.  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission more than 630,000 ladder-related injuries required medical treatment in 2015.  No one plans on [...]

Leaf Guard of Lake Erie is an amazing service that also gives back to the community.

Thanks to Nicole B. for her review and help to reach our goal.  We're donating $5 on her behalf!   Thanks to everyone who has supported our campaign to donate to Strings for a CURE.  We are [...]

Quality Craftsmanship

“Your company installed LeafGuard along my sidewalk several years ago and I was completely satisfied with the product and your company then as now. Guess you could say quality product, workmanship, and clean-up are all [...]


So thankful to not have to go through another rainy season with leaking gutters. We are looking forward to leaf free gutters.
Majorie Hall, PA (LeafGuard Gutters)
It took me 1.5 years to find a contractor that didn’t want compromise the warranty on my metal roof and at the same time. Your company offered a maintenance free gutter and the professionals to do the job. Also, thanks to Casey’s solution to problem of my gutters.
Chuck O. Lewiston, NY (LeafGuard Gutters)
After two hard rains, everything with the gutter system seems to be perfect! I was impressed with the quick and professional installation. I also very like the looks and the way they accent the house/roof.
Matt S. North East, PA (LeafGuard Gutters)
Gutters Chautauqua NY
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