The Best Gutter Guard System in America

leafguard gutters near meThe number one reason you need LeafGuard is because it is the best gutter guard system in America since 1993! If you are a homeowner that takes pride in your home, then you deserve the satisfaction of knowing you selected the highest quality gutter protection available. The top gutter guards for your house are Englert LeafGuard’s maintenance free gutters.

This system delivers more benefits and features than any other product on the market all while keeping you, the consumer, in mind. You will never risk your health and safety climbing ladders to clear out your gutters with the best rated gutter guards. There will be no more property destruction from water damage or surface erosion caused by normal gutters. Never again will you have to pay someone to clean your gutters. You can breathe easy, knowing that LeafGuard is protecting your gutters and downspouts all year round.

Our Guarantees

Those who purchase the best rated gutter guards, deserve the best warranties. This is the reason LeafGuard makes it a priority to provide multiple guarantees for different parts of our gutter protection systems:

  1. Cleaning: Our gutters are guaranteed not to clog. If your gutter guard system does get blocked with debris, LeafGuard will completely clean them for free. This promise is provided as long as you own your home.
  2. Paint Finish: These top gutter guards are protected by ScratchGuard®, the sturdiest paint finish on the market. This durable ScratchGuard® paint will never chip, peel or crack. Regular gutters are unable to resist the wear and tear of the seasons, and quickly begin to look worn. ScratchGuard® keeps the best gutter guards looking better longer and comes with a warranty for the life of your gutter.
  3. No Fall Off: LeafGuard Gutters are guaranteed not to be pulled loose from your fascia boards by ice or snow. No other gutter options can compare.
  4. Lifetime: All of the above warranties are 100% transferable for the ownership duration of your home.

Triple protection for the consumer: backed by the manufacturer—Englert LeafGuard, LeafGuard of Lake Erie, your local dealer, and Bauer Specialty—all names you can trust.

With these promises, LeafGuard is the finest choice for the best gutter guard system installation and replacement. Other limitations may apply. Contact us at LeafGuard of Lake Erie for further details.

Proven System Earns Good Housekeeping Seal

seamless gutters erie paThe Englert LeafGuard Brand endured rigorous testing by the Good Housekeeping Institute Laboratory and as a result earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, the foremost symbol of quality assurance and safety in America. For six weeks, LeafGuard was evaluated by the Institute to ensure that the gutter system met customer expectations and performed as promised. The team at Good Housekeeping Institute confirms: Our unique maintenance free gutters make use of liquid adhesion so that only water falls into the gutter, while all types of debris shed off the hood. The water exits rapidly, due to the remarkably wide downspouts. These top gutter guards can withstand any amount of water freezing and will not detach from the house.

LeafGuard gutter system is the only system to earn the Good Housekeeping seal. There are no other gutter guards that can compare to the protection and peace of mind Englert LeafGuard will give you.

Protect your home with the best gutter system available, request your no obligation, free quote today!