LeafGuard vs Regular Gutter
What are Gutter guards?
Gutter Guard Add-On Problems
LeafGuard vs Two Piece Systems

Compare the features, benefits and price of a LeafGuard System to any other option and the choice will clearly be LeafGuard. Get your no-obligation free quote today!

 One-Piece Seamless Gutter System

seamless gutters erie paLeafGuard Brand by Englert is the original and only one-piece gutter system with an integrated hood that attaches to the gutter bottom and effectively deflects leaves and other debris.

These unique seamless gutters prevent a variety of issues that are problems often caused by regular gutters. The design keeps bits and pieces of debris from getting stuck between connected parts of the gutter, maintains the water running clearly, eliminates any threat of water damage, and makes it so that you never have to clean out your gutters again.

Our gutter is aesthetically appealing while it maintains optimal protection for your home. With its completely seamless design, there is no need for an aluminum gutter guard to be attached into your roof, causing damage and possibly violating any roof warranty. These inferior gutter covers also have alignment issues. When the hood and the gutter are not perfectly aligned, it can lead to either clogging or water bypassing the gutters altogether down to the base of the house, causing even more damage. But with LeafGuard, that won’t happen. It complies with the shape of your home’s fascia. This prevents potential damage and warranty violations associated with two-piece systems.

What are LeafGuard Gutters made of?

Our metal LeafGuard gutters are roll-formed from one continuous sheet of 18-inch wide aluminum that’s cut to custom lengths to fit your home. The metal we use is 20% thicker than the industry standard for gutters and will not rust or weaken unlike galvanized steel guttering. The LeafGuard gutter is formed on-site by machines and regulated by highly trained servicemen. The single piece of flat metal is formed into an extra wide gutter waterway with a seamlessly arched cover.

See the Roll Forming Process


LeafGuard’s aluminum guttering is unique in every way, including the extra-large 3” x 4” downspouts that are able to handle rain falling at over 32 inches per hour. The material used for LeafGuard’s oversized downspouts is 30% thicker than standard gutter systems’. Our brand allows for optimal elimination of gathered water which improves the gutter’s ability to stay clog-free and with less noise compared to regular downspouts.

LeafGuard - How It Works

In addition to their built-in ingenuity, attention is paid to every detail in the installation of a LeafGuard gutter. If your home has exposed wood on the exterior, that can increase the risk of rot and insect damage. We use durable aluminum, vinyl soffit, and fascia systems to safeguard that uncovered wood for your home’s protection.

LeafGuard is also installed without the need of screws or nails in your rooftop and without lifting the shingles which could void the roof’s warranty. Our seamless aluminum gutters are screwed to the fascia board with internal hanging supports, compared to the spikes that come loose on conventional gutters. We use non-corrosive plastic material for these hidden hangers to support the hood and are designed to never restrict water flow. We attach these specially designed hangers through the back of the gutter to your fascia board with screws that are placed at two foot intervals which ensures extra strength and durability.

seamless gutters buffalo nyAll these features work together like a dream, to give one-piece gutters that incredible ability to deflect leaves and debris better than any other gutter protection system; to prevent clogs or leak without risking the integrity of your roof. LeafGuard® of Lake Erie and Western New York employs experienced, insured, and trustworthy installers for the best seamless gutters. These workers provide professional installation that prevents water damage. We install all year round- all your house needs is a one-time gutter system installation.

Comparing LeafGuard to the Competition

LeafGuard vs Regular Gutters

Regular Gutter systems consist mainly of troughs. They successfully corral rainfall only if debris is not present. These may be seamless metal gutters, but they’re prone to clogging since they naturally collect leaves, acorns, twigs, and any type of debris. If your gutters collect debris, then they can cause:

  • leaks around doors and windows
  • the development of rot around your eaves, soffit and fascia
  • damage to your flower gardens and shrubbery
  • water seeping into the ground around your foundation, eventually causing cracks and basement flooding
  • the attraction of pests, critters, insects and mold
  • personal injury risk while climbing ladders to clean out debris

The solution to the complications with ordinary gutters is an effective gutter guard that keeps unwanted leaves and debris out while letting water flow throughout the gutter. The best solution is found with LeafGuard’s aluminum seamless gutters which flawlessly shed debris while catching rainwater and moving it safely away from your home with extra-large downspouts. Only LeafGuard gutters provide quality protection with the hood and gutter bottom consisting of a one-piece, seamless design.

What are Gutter Guards?

A gutter guard is any piece that attaches to the gutter and protects the exposed top portion of it by preventing anything other than water from entering. By keeping debris out, gutter guards go a long way in preventing clogs and cracks in your gutters. However, not all gutter guards are designed the same. There are different styles as well as different materials used to make them.

There are three basic types of rain gutter guards:

  • Leaf Filters
    – leaves a small opening between the gutter and gutter guard to block out debris
    – placed in, clipped, or screwed on to your open gutters
  • Gutter Screens
    – covers the gutter opening but contains louvered slots or perforated openings for the water to pass through
    – come in 3 to 6 foot sections
    – can be mitered at the corners, hinged, installed underneath roofing shingles, or simply slipped in and snapped into place
  • Gutter Covers
    – an add-on device that hooks onto your gutter and sheds debris while allowing water to flow into the gutter
    – slides under the first/second course of shingles or must be glued or nailed to the roof

The Problems with Gutter Guard Add-Ons

Most are add-on devices are designed to fit over, or into, existing open gutters. Screens and filters have to be clipped, glued, or screwed onto regular gutters. Some devices slide under the first/second course of shingles. Helmets and hoods must be screwed or nailed into the roof. There is also the option of mitering the corners of screens or slipping them into place in your gutter. Several of these attachment procedures can void roof warrantees. Some companies claim they are not violated, still, no one wants holes in their shingles.

Add-ons and open seamless gutter systems are tedious to install, bulky and unattractive, marginally effective, and do not last long. No matter how the attachment fits onto your existing gutter, add-ons have the possibility of falling into the gutter after heavy snowfall or being blown off with strong winds. This won’t happen with metal LeafGuards for gutters. Its slender one-piece design, heavy-duty construction, and long-lasting non-corrosive hangers keep it securely attached to the fascia board.

LeafGuard vs Two-Piece Systems

The one major difference between all types of rain gutter guards and the Englert LeafGuard brand is: all other guards are two-piece systems that take an existent gutter bottom and attach a cover or screen to the roof or gutter that extends over the gutter trough. Our seamless gutter company puts its version of the gutter guard in, at the time of installation while competitors install them much later than the initial set-up of the gutter itself. The two-piece design is inefficient because the measurements are slightly off, small cracks are left in between the guard and gutter, they’re generally made of different materials, and you are adding a new product to an already damaged gutter. In contrast, ours is a singular approach that fortifies the home better than a collection of different parts ever could.

LeafGuard’s approach on the aluminium gutter guard is to have an integrated protective hood making the leaf guards and gutters seamless because no points of weakness results in maximum efficiency. The debris-shielding hood is made from a single sheet of material so the top and bottom of the gutter is installed all at once and fits the precise dimensions of your home. LeafGuard’s unified, aluminum rain gutters are held up by durable, hidden hangers that attach directly to your fascia board, protecting your home, so your gutters can stay clog-free.

LeafGuard is the original and only one-piece gutter system on the market today, so be sure to get your no-obligation free quote today!