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Awareness Campaign – ECM Thanksgiving Meals

Hungry? Let's help a family that is. Around 2003 the Erie City Mission began to provide Thanksgiving meal giveaways to local families in need. It's a great service to help families enjoy a home cooked meal for the holiday.  For our Awareness Campaign this month we've got something a little different. We're still asking for [...]

Top 5 Gutter Cleaning Products for Every Homeowner

Most gutters need constant attention. They need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to get the most out of them. (Pun encouraged.) Usually you would hire a professional to do this for you, but if you’re determined to do it by yourself, you’ll need products that specialize in this particular task. So to help you [...]

Scary Stats on Fall Related Injuries and Deaths

This post is a little bit scary, but there’s truth in the numbers. Falls are one of OSHA’s Fatal Four for the most common workplace injuries. It’s definitely a serious problem. And the numbers get even worse when accidents at home are added. Ladder Safety Statistics Here's some perspective on fall related injuries and deaths. [...]

Ladder Safety Tips: How to Keep Yourself from Falling Off

Ladders are dangerous. Every year, more than half a million people are injured from falling off ladders, and about 300 people die from these falls annually. If you have a job that involves ladders, you should know what you’re doing. Here are 15 of the most important ladder safety tips that you should remember by [...]

When the Body Attacks Itself

When the Body Attacks Itself This month's Awareness Campaign is the Lupus Foundation of America. The suggestion came from an employee whose family was affected by lupus when a sibling's life was cut short by the painful disease. The Lupus Foundation is devoted to solving the mystery of lupus, one of the world's cruelest, most [...]

Awareness Campaign – Hospice of Metropolitan Erie

"I have a different perspective on Hospice after my Grandparents' care." Chris Chris Pistorio, Branch Manager of L&W Supply in Erie, had a very personal family experience with Hospice last year when his grandparents received treatment from Hospice Buffalo. Through the care and support both his grandparents and the family received from the staff Chris [...]

How to Choose the Right Gutters

Before you replace your old gutters, brush up on what you need to know about them first. Learning how to choose the right gutters will let you figure out what went wrong with your old system as well as help you decide if you're truly going to get your money's worth on the next one. [...]

Boots On Ground – Making a Difference

What would you say to the statement ”Veterans in America feel like they are outsiders and are disrespected”? Our guess is you would say “No Way”. Well that is exactly what many Veterans tell Venus Azevedo-Laboda, Executive Director and Founder of Boots On Ground, the non-profit Veterans Outreach program. This program was developed in order [...]

What Clogs Gutters?

Leaves and twigs aren’t the only things that get trapped in your home’s rain gutters. Often times, water doesn’t drain out because of the most unexpected reasons. So if you’ve been mystified by the amount of clogs you’ve been getting every year, this list may explain what’s happening to your house’s gutter system. Poorly [...]

What are Gutter Guards?

We all know the story. It’s fall, and you are tired of cleaning up everything before winter.  But one more chore, those gutters taunting you with leaves and twigs sticking out all over. Your neighbor tells you to install gutter guards to help you with your problem. But what are they? Can they really help? [...]