“I have a different perspective on Hospice after my Grandparents’ care.” Chris

Hospice of Metropolitan Erie Awareness Campaign

Chris Pistorio, Branch Manager of L&W Supply in Erie, had a very personal family experience with Hospice last year when his grandparents received treatment from Hospice Buffalo. Through the care and support both his grandparents and the family received from the staff Chris was deeply touched. He came up with the idea to honor his grandparents in the process of raising funds for the Hospice of Metropolitan Erie in remembrance of them. We are pleased to honor them with Chris and support Hospice of Metropolitan Erie with our Awareness Campaign this month.

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Hospice Buffalo is a sister organization to Hospice of Metropolitan Erie and both are not for profit organizations. Chris was shocked to learn that there are multiple other organizations that are for profit under the name of hospice. When Chris approached Hospice of Metropolitan Erie with his idea to hold a golf outing to benefit them they were brought to tears. So the first annual L&W Supply Hospice Open was born and brought forth by the Erie L&W Supply team along with their Erie ABC Supply brethren.

2018 BSCS golf team

2018 BSCS Golf Team. Brian, Andy, Charlie and Dan represented the company well.

L&W is a supplier for Bauer Specialty Commercial Services on many projects and through that relationship we came to know of Chris’ plans. It became a natural choice for our monthly Awareness Campaign and a good one due to the lack of understanding Hospice carries for many people. These campaigns have developed into a way for us to help share information about an organization through our family of companies Facebook pages. Our goal is to reach a total of 500 likes and shares so the word is spread about what Hospice is all about and grow in understanding of the service they provide.  There are many myths about Hospice that

Hospice of Metropolitan Erie is a special concept of care designed to provide comfort and support to patients and their families when a life limiting illness no longer responds to cure oriented treatments. Hospice is a program of care and support for people who are terminally ill. The physician and Hospice team work with the patient and patient’s family to set up a plan of care that meets the patient’s needs. Hospice care is not a live-in service: however, the Hospice team will make visits to provide the comfort and care for your loved one for as long as possible, ensuring comfort and support. Check out the Hospice of Metropolitan Erie website for excellent help with frequently asked questions and myths of what hospice care includes.

In 2017 Chris’ grandparents received treatment from Hospice Buffalo the last couple weeks of their lives. Chris said he and his family will forever be thankful for the great staff that cared for his grandparents, while providing support to the family along the way. Raising money for Hospice of Metropolitan Erie will help support other families during their time of need. Chris said he is honored to have had the amazing grandparents that he did and looks forward to raising money in remembrance of them.  LW Logo


Chris shared an example of how Hospice helped his grandfather which in turn helped the family in those last days. His grandfather was a huge Duke Blue Devils basketball fan and the care Hospice provided gave Chris a different perspective of what he thought Hospice was all about. During his last days at home it was during the conference championships and Duke was playing their rival North Carolina Tarheels.  Grandpa’s question was ‘Did Duke win today?’ Chris said with Hospice’s care his grandpa’s pain was helped to allow him to be as comfortable as possible but still there to interact with his family. It was an awesome feeling for Chris to be able to have that experience with people caring about them so much.

Time to visit and share with loved ones is a precious thing that we too often take for granted.  When our days on this earth are fading it’s a blessing to have care like that of Hospice of Metropolitan Erie. So please support us with your likes and shares to help more people learn what Hospice is all about.