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What Clients Say About Us

So thankful to not have to go through another rainy season with leaking gutters. We are looking forward to leaf free gutters.
Majorie Hall, PA (LeafGuard Gutters)
It took me 1.5 years to find a contractor that didn’t want compromise the warranty on my metal roof and at the same time. Your company offered a maintenance free gutter and the professionals to do the job. Also, thanks to Casey’s solution to problem of my gutters.
Chuck O. Lewiston, NY (LeafGuard Gutters)
After two hard rains, everything with the gutter system seems to be perfect! I was impressed with the quick and professional installation. I also very like the looks and the way they accent the house/roof.
Matt S. North East, PA (LeafGuard Gutters)
“Your foreman JD is an excellent person to represent your company. got LG. The job was done very quickly and in a professional manner.”
William B. Albion, PA
Very Satisfied.”
Amy D. - Erie
“Your guys did an excellent job. They deserve a Bonus.”
Jon R. - Oil City
“Good Job!!”
Paul & Marci R. - Erie
“Thank you for your service of NO maintenance!!”
John B. - Kenmore
“VERY nice and took care of other minor problems I asked for.”
Mark K. - Erie (Seamless Metal Gutters)
“Friendly professional instgallers, good value for the money”
Jim G. - Waterford, PA (Seamless Metal Gutters)
“Very friendly and professional”
Tony C. - Buffalo, NY (Seamless Metal Gutters)
“Very professional”
Richard W. - Grand Island, NY (Seamless Metal Gutters)
“Installers were very good.”
Michael I. - Tonawanda, NY (Seamless Metal Gutters)
“Working with your company is effortless. Quality people and quality product.”
J. Miranda - Erie (LeafGuard)
“The installers were very professional; did an excellent job. Most respectful: I like that!”
J. Roessler (MicroGuard)
“I have no comments about the work that was done because they were great.”
Carol B. - North Tonawanda (LeafGuard)
Bonnie W. - Erie (K-Gutter)
“Your crew did a great job!”
Herman D. - Erie (MicroGuard)
“A professional installation performed by two competent employees. A job well done. Awaiting rain for final check.”
James D. - Franklin (LeafGuard)
“Very Satisfied”
Martin O. - Niagara Falls (K-Gutter)
“The young men who did the job were very thorough, there was no mess left on my property. I was completely satisfied with their work and I like the looks of my gutters.”
Winslow & Alicie H. - Tonawanda (LeafGuard)
“Very satisfied with the gutters. Water no longer running over gutters.”
Rowena H. - Erie (LeafGuard)
“Did a superior job on insulation and now the gutters.”
Laryy M. - Waterford (K-Gutter)
“Very Satisfied. Happy with JD and Casey’s demeanor and professional installation”
Bill S. - Corry (LeafGuard)
“Good clean workers! They know what they were doing. Thank you”
Joe K. - North East (LeafGuard)
“Never have to worry about gutters again!”
Sandra M. - Erie (LeafGuard)
“Very satisfied with results”
Constance M. - Jamestown (LeafGuard)
“The workers were very professional. They answered all my questions and were very polite.”
Michael S. - North Tonawanda (LeafGuard)
“The entire project including the sales professional, installation team and product performance with the first rain exceeded my expectations. The installers had a command of their jobs, they were respectful of my property and when they left there wasn’t a sign they were here!”
Karen & Greg S. - Lakewood (LeafGuard)
“Had two different houses done. Very satisfied with the results”
S.W. - Union City (LeafGuard)
“Very satisfied. I had the system installed several years ago and have been very satisfied with the product.”
Joseph Z. - Buffalo (LeafGuard)
“Very Satisfied.”
D.B. - Cheektowaga (LeafGuard)
“Very Satisfied.”
T.B. - Ripley (K-Gutter)
“Very satisfied.”
H. Z. - North Tonawanda (MicroGuard)
“Your workers did a very professional job, cleaned up the site, and did the job in a reasonable time.”
Charles H. - Erie (LeafGuard)
“Good Job! 🙂 Thank you!”
W.M. - Erie (LeafGuard)
“Your crew were very nice and cleaned up the area after the job was done. Thank you!”
L.D. - Erie (LeafGuard)
“Very Satisfied”
J.M. - Erie (K-Gutter)
“Very Satisfied.”
L. C. - Youngsville (LeafGuard)
“They were very good and polite. One of them got stung by a bee and still did a very good job. I would hire your company again. – Thank you for your service”
Robert E. - Hamburg (LeafGuard)
Al H. - North Tonawanda (LeafGuard)
“Your men were excellent!”
Joseph Y. - Erie (MicroGuard)
“I have been completely satisfied and impressed from beginning to end.”
William J. - Mayville (LeafGuard)
“Outstanding experience throughout from initial assessment/ proposal of work crew to results.”
Carlos L. - Amherst (LeafGuard)
“Great work and clean-up! Very nice installers”
Jeanette H. - Hamburg got (LeafGuard)
“Casey was very helpful and made corrections before leaving. Rest of the crew was very polite. Waiting the rain during the day to see how gutters are working. Hope the crew did not have a problem with my directions to the interstate. Remember the tornado was only a mile from our house. You lucked out.”
Lurene N. - Hamburg (LeafGuard)
“JD and Ray did fantastic job snaking drains. KC did great job putting new gutters on.”
KJ S. - Erie (K-Gutter)
“Nice crew.”
Nancy K. - Adamsville (LeafGuard)
“LeafGuard was not the lowest estimate we received. But, in fairness, we’re not comparing apples to apples. We’re positive that we got the best bang for our buck. The time from estimate to the completion was amazing and the crew was awesome.”
Tom & Kim T. - Erie (LeafGuard)
“Very Satisfied.”
Gary F. - Erie (LeafGuard)
Joe K. - Erie (K-Gutter)
“Very Satisfied.”
Karen T. - Erie (K-Gutter)
“Very Satisfied.”
Margaret P. - North East (LeafGuard)
“Very Satisfied”
David Z. - East Aurora (LeafGuard)
“Very professional install. Couldn’t be happier with crew and hob they did. Asked my input several times rather than assuming. Have already referred your product to co-worker.”
Dawn & David K. - Akron (LeafGuard)
“Very Satisfied”
Kevin & Martha O. - Rushville (LeafGuard)
“Very Satisfied” with the job. Also IS INTERESTED IN GETTING INSULATION.
Wally R. - Lawtons (LeafGuard)
“Very Satisfied”
Robert K. - Tonawanda (LeafGuard and MicroGuard)
“The crew was courteous, helpful and answered all of our questions.”
K.D. - Erie (LeafGuard)
“Nice Job – Done very timely.”
R. F. - Erie (K-Gutter)
“Very Satisfied”
E. S. - Titusville (LeafGuard)
“Installation crew was very good. I was happy with their work and they answered any questions I had.”
R. K. - Cranesville (LeafGuard)
“Very Satisfied”
G.D. - Erie (LeafGuard & K-Gutter)
“Very Satisfied”
N.O. - Sloan (LeafGuard)
“Very Satisfied”
B.V. - Amherst (LeafGuard)
“Very Satisfied”
L.P. - Cheektowaga (K-Gutter)
“Once again – very satisfied”
Jamie M. - Erie (LeafGuard)
“Your company installed LeafGuard along my sidewalk several years ago and was/is completely satisfied with the product and your company then as now. Guess you could say quality product, workman-ship, and clean-up are all rated as very satisfying.”
Cathy S. - North East (LeafGuard)
“The team arrived on time and did an excellent job. Very happy with their work!”
Sheryl & Chris L. - Edinboro (K-Gutter)
“Very Satisfied.”
Craig P. - Holland (LeafGuard)
“Very pleased with your workers and job appearance.” “Professional Salesman and detail layout on contract.”
David W. - Chautaugua (LeafGuard)
“Very Satisfied”
Doloris L. - from Clarence (LeafGuard)
“Very satisfied did a neat job.”
Marilyn B. - West Seneca ( LeafGuard)
“Ryan was accommodating in working with me… knows what he’s doing.”
D. P. - Erie (LeafGuard)
“Very satisfied”
L.C. - Columbus (LeafGuard & K-Gutter)
“Good job”
L. D. - North East (K-Gutter)
“Very satisfied”
B. V. - Girard (K-Gutter)
“Very satisfied”
S. B. - Union City (LeafGuard)
“Very satisfied”
M. W. - Girard (LeafGuard)
“I will be interested in seeing how your product stands up to its claims. It was highly recommended by my neighbor in our wooded neighborhood.”
C. W. - Erie (LeafGuard)
“Very satisfied”
Linda B. - Dansville (LeafGuard)