How to Choose the Right Gutters

Before you replace your old gutters, brush up on what you need to know about them first. Learning how to choose the right gutters will let you figure out what went wrong with your old system as well as help you decide if you're truly going to get your money's worth on the next one. [...]

Do Your Gutters Need Replacement?

Gutters are very important to our homes. Since water inevitably causes rot and decay, we need the rain to be directed away from vulnerable parts of the house like the foundations and the walls. Gutter systems are built to do this safely and effectively, but they can’t do it forever. As with all things, they [...]

Ladder Safety – The Ugly Truth About Cleaning with Ladders

Ladder safety is a big deal because of the huge numbers of people affected.  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission more than 630,000 ladder-related injuries required medical treatment in 2015.  No one plans on having an accident, but you can plan to avoid one and a trip to the ER. Avoid the hazard all [...]

Leaf Guard of Lake Erie is an amazing service that also gives back to the community.

Thanks to Nicole B. for her review and help to reach our goal.  We're donating $5 on her behalf!   Thanks to everyone who has supported our campaign to donate to Strings for a CURE.  We are well on the way to our goal but need your help to get to the finish.  See the heartfelt connection [...]

Quality Craftsmanship

“Your company installed LeafGuard along my sidewalk several years ago and I was completely satisfied with the product and your company then as now. Guess you could say quality product, workmanship, and clean-up are all rated as very satisfying.”  - Cathy S. from North East Custom Design We have great customers and get comments like this [...]

Heat Tape and Ice Problems in the Gutters

A division of LeafGuard of Lake Erie and Bauer Specialty. Do you have an issue with ice in winter? How about your home's gutters? Are they doing well? Some people actually think icicles hanging from their eaves are a beautiful decoration for the season.  It's nice of them to see that silver lining, [...]

How Wet Basement Walls Happen and How to Stop It

If you've ever noticed wet basement walls in your house, you actually have looming gutter problems. With the rain to come it's a good time to see how it flows around your home. Be sure to take note of spots where it can enter your home's foundation.  If you're noticing musty odors investigate where the [...]

Gutters are for Water, Not Gardens

Have you every seen trees growing in the gutters? It might sound weird, but it does happen. These pictures are one reason why homeowners have LeafGuard installed on their homes.  Lead installer JD McCrory found trees growing in the gutters on a recent install.  A good rule of thumb is when trees are growing in your [...]

Historic Building with HIGH Gutters Now Maintenance Free

Our LeafGuard gutter crew lead by JD McCrory and Casey Houghton completed an install at the Chautauqua Institution this week on the century old.  The Baptist House is one HIGH building!  We utilized a 60ft articulating boom lift to safely reach areas beyond the length our 40ft ladders could handle. Now The Baptist House is [...]

Shout it Out – We’ve Got Big Mouths!

Huge mouth adapters are extremely convenient for any gutter system. What makes LeafGuard different than other gutter systems? One thing is the big mouth adapters. The idea behind gutters is to collect and get rain water away from your home. The gutter collects the water, while the downspouts get the water away [...]