As a homeowner, you know that cleaning your home’s gutters is an important task that you need to do a few times a year. Keep in mind, your gutters shouldn’t get all your attention, your downspouts need some of your care too.

Your downspouts are just as important. If they are damaged or inadequate, they will allow water to destroy your landscaping and get into your basement, which over time can cause serious maintenance or structural issues.

Everything You Should Know About Downspouts

If you don’t maintain your gutter system regularly, you’ll often get clogged gutters, split downspouts and wet basements.

In the winter, the clog can trap water. The water freezes and can cause the downspout to split leaving you with leaks that create water damage to your foundation and your basement.

Improperly controlled runoff can lead to issues as well.

The diagram below demonstrates how properly controlled runoff should work.

Everything You Should Know About Downspouts - Correct Downspout

Improperly controlled runoff can cause the ice to form in the winter, preventing the water from draining properly away from your home or business.

Everything You Should Know About Downspouts - A frozen downspout

Unfortunately, frozen downspouts are a normal occurrence during winter.

In the warmer weather, improperly controlled runoff can cause erosion which also causes water to run toward your home or business instead of away from them.

Everything You Should Know About Downspouts - downspout soil erosion

Water is a powerful force that can displace soil.

When the earth around your home or business settles or shifts, the downspouts can disconnect from the in-ground drain lines causing more damaging runoff.

Everything You Should Know About Downspouts - gutter downspout shifting

Make sure that your downspouts are properly kept in their right place.

Routine inspections and maintenance of your downspouts will save you money on future, more serious repairs.

You should inspect for signs of such things as rust and impact damage.

Rust is a sign that your downspouts may be suffering from a decline of their structural integrity. In other words, they may not hold up much longer.

Everything You Should Know About Downspouts - rusted gutters

Rust is a gutter’s mortal enemy.

Take a look at how rust actually caused this downspout pictured below to detach from the gutter. Where is the water going now? That’ right, the water will now run straight down, right next to the home and into the basement.

Everything You Should Know About Downspouts - damaged gutters

This severely damaged gutter needs to be replaced right away.

Impact damage can be caused by many things falling trees or branches, a car or lawn care machinery, kids playing, animals, etc. When your downspouts get deformed, they respond just as if there was a clog and become a problem.

Your downspouts are just as important as your gutters. What do your gutters and downspouts look like? If you have a concern, feel free to give us a call. LeafGuard Of Lake Erie can help identify issues and provide professional solutions that last. Call us today! NY: 716-695-1010 | PA: 814-898-8517