The LeafGuard Gutter System's Big and Convenient Mouth Adapter

Huge mouth adapters are extremely convenient for any gutter system.

What makes LeafGuard different than other gutter systems? One thing is the big mouth adapters. The idea behind gutters is to collect and get rain water away from your home. The gutter collects the water, while the downspouts get the water away from your foundation, landscaping, entrances, driveways and any other area you do not want water to accumulate. The big mouth adapter allows water to drain out of the gutter faster because the size of the drain in the bottom of the gutter is larger. This allows the gutter to collect water more efficiently and not overflow.

Another benefit is that if leaves, seeds, twigs or other debris does get into the gutter it can flush out with the big mouth adapter. Just another note on why the LeafGuard system is the best gutter system on the market today.