Ladder safety is a big deal because of the huge numbers of people affected.  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission more than 630,000 ladder-related injuries required medical treatment in 2015.  No one plans on having an accident, but you can plan to avoid one and a trip to the ER.

Avoid the hazard all together and have a gutter protection system like LeafGuard installed on your home to prevent clogs from occurring.  Be sure there’s a lifetime no-clog warranty to keep you safely on the ground the entire time you own your home. LeafGuard is warranted to never clog.  If it does just call and they will come out to clear it for free.

Ladder Safety - The Ugly Truth About Cleaning with Ladders - dangerous gutter cleaning

Cleaning gutters is no joke. They’re absolutely dangerous.

Most ladder accidents stem from four main issues.

1. Selecting the Wrong Type of Ladder – select the right tool for the job. Height, capacity, and style are all important to doing the job safely.
2. Using Worn or Damaged Ladders – inspect before each use and if damaged only use once repaired according to manufacturer’s guidelines.
3. Incorrect Use of Ladders – operator error is the cause of most accidents. Use only as intended and never alter or lengthen a ladder. Always keep three points of contact in place and do not over reach.
4. Incorrect Placement of Ladders – be sure the feet of the ladder are on a firm and level base.  Enlist a helper to stabilize or stake the feet in place and secure the top.

Please Be Careful

Ladder Safety - The Ugly Truth About Cleaning with Ladders - debris overview

The debris shedding hood lets water in but keeps the junk out.

If you must do work to clear your gutters once, twice or more each year please exercise proper ladder safety and use the right equipment.  But for the sake of your loved ones give LeafGuard a call for a FREE estimate on what a Leaf Guard gutter system would be for your home.  You can even select a partial install for the areas that give you the most trouble.  It’s an investment in you as well as your home.